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Following years of work in government services, specializing in counter-terrorism, facility and dignitary protection, RB Landeck has spent the last decade in the service of humanitarian agencies, coordinating security in emergency response settings, including active war zones and natural disasters, across three continents. From war-torn South Sudan and Somalia, to the Middle East, from the minefields of Myanmar and violence in Timor Leste, to typhoon-ravaged islands in the Philippines, RB Landeck continues to deploy wherever crisis hits.

Turned author and filmmaker in recent years, RB Landeck has written several books and graphic novel series, and produced a number of documentaries and shortfilms, increasingly focusing on fictional characters in the settings of his missions.

The first two books of his new series Dead Hemisphere are available now on Amazon, with a third part in the works and due for release later in 2020.

RB Landeck, originally from New Zealand, continues to live in Kenya, East Africa.

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