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5 Days in January: About dad, me & a bastard called Lewy

Lewy Body Dementia is the second most common type of progressive dementia after Alzheimer's disease and yet much remains unknown about this illness, which is as aggressive in nature as it is cunning in its ability to evade diagnosis.

There are many publications on the subject, including first hand accounts - online blogs, journals and forum entries - written by family members and spouses of other LBD sufferers. And yet most, with a few exceptions, stop short of telling the whole story, omitting what happens to patients in the late stages and thus leaving families just like yours and the mine in the dark as to what lies ahead.

'5 Days in January' chronicles my father's Lewy Body Dementia journey from onset right through to his final moments. It is a brutally honest and highly personal account of the rollercoaster that is LBD - "Bastard Lewy". But it is also an attempt to let readers look beyond his condition and at the man, the father, grandfather and husband Norbert Landeck was; a reconciliation of sorts, between his life before and what became of it after LBD sunk its claws into him and in the process indelibly changed everyone around him forever.


The HEAT Book 

Hostile Environment Awareness Training

A Safety Resource for Humanitarians

How would you react under fire? What are your options during a robbery? What would you do if you found yourself in a field full of unexploded ordnance?
HEAT - Hostile Environment Awareness Training - has been addressing these and many more questions for years. It is still the standard personal safety course for humanitarians, INGO, corporate and diplomatic staff going on deployment.
But there is a Problem:

Not only is HEAT limited to a few global training hubs but it is expensive and logistically challenging. Absorbing the course’s substantial amount of information presented at breakneck speed is next to impossible.
The HEAT Book aims to help address these issues. It is intended as a mini-HEAT’, readily available wherever you are, providing you with the baseline knowledge of what to do when things go very, very wrong.
Whether you are about to travel, are already on mission, or just interested in the subject, let The HEAT Book be your personal safety resource.
Accompany Ashley and her colleagues on their first humanitarian mission to Zembala - a Central African nation in crisis. Help them navigate the country’s many threats, make decisions leading to different outcomes, and read up on best practice security advice based on the author’s two decades of experience in the humanitarian and law enforcement sectors.
From road accidents and impromptu checkpoints, violent protests, and ambushes, to minefields, bombings, and abduction, it is your job to survive.

Can you take the HEAT? There’s only one way to find out...


Black Children Sell Best

And aid worker's reflections on a broken industry 

Over the past 5 decades, aid & development have grown into a multi-billion dollar business, yet little has changed for the millions of poor around the world. So where does all this money go?Few who donate to international charities realize what happens to their money once it hits the machinery of an industry that is very much part of the problem it aims to address. After over a decade in the international aid & development sector, working for some of the world's top international charities, R.B. Landeck shares first-hand experiences and takes you behind the scenes, beyond the sex scandals, the rampant wastage and quirky personalities that are all pieces of the often both tragic & funny universe that is international aid; exploring why things aren't working, how you have the power to change it all and why despite everything, you should not only give more, but in a way that your hard-earned cash actually achieves the desired impact.

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