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DEAD HEMISPHERE -The Virophage Chronicles

An African Zombie Novel - Part I

The Congo is in the grip of another Ebola outbreak, but this time things are different. Something even more destructive is afoot. Ebola has evolved. Veteran Tom Railsback thought he had turned a new leaf when he left the service. But now, in the middle of the international Ebola response, he must once again fight. Fight to save his family from the onslaught of the mutation that is laying waste to East Africa. Fight to bring the truth to light. Fight to stay alive in a race against time and escape from what could soon be a DEAD HEMISPHERE.

From the deep forests of the Congo, the lakes of Uganda, the barren grasslands of South Sudan and beyond, let author RB Landeck take you on a rollercoaster ride of survival against an enemy that is not only threatening to devour the region, but if unstopped,  humankind altogether.


DEAD HEMISPHERE, an African zombie novel unlike any other!




An African Zombie Novel - Part II

R.B. Landeck returns with the second part of his DEAD HEMISPHERE series and another chapter in its harrowing story of survival, failure, triumph, and redemption, and the very fabric of humanity in the face of certain annihilation.

From the concrete jungle of Nairobi to the beaches of Mombasa and the deep blue expanse of the Indian Ocean, pursued by the dead and an alliance of the powerful, hell-bent on keeping their secret from slipping away, rejoin Tom Railsback and his band of survivors in their struggle to outrun the mutation that is eating its way through the continent.

Will he and his family make it out of Africa before it is too late? Allegiances will be tested, bonds made and broken, and endurance tested to its very limits against the tide of death and destruction, and KERES RISING from the very gates of hell itself.

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DEAD HEMISPHERE - Thanatos Bound

An African Zombie Novel - Part III

Get ready for the final chapter of DEAD HEMISPHERE, an African Zombie novel like no other!

Rescued from certain death at the hands of the undead in the Indian Ocean, Tom and his group of survivors soon find themselves back in dire straits.

Kidnapped by Somali pirates and pursued by a pharmaceutical corporation determined to bury its secret, the odds are stacked against them more than they've ever been.

Besieged by the infected swarming in ever greater numbers and with options shrinking, Tom and his crew must take desperate measures or risk falling victim to the spreading infection that is ravaging Africa.

From the Somali desert to the Gulf of Aden, the Red Sea and, finally, the ancient city of Luxor, Egypt, the harrowing journey continues...

Who survives, who dies, who wins, and who loses in the fight for their lives? Will they finally make it off the continent, or will they become part of what has already turned into a DEAD HEMISPHERE?

Find out in the third instalment of R.B. Landeck's tale of the undead in Africa!


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